About us


Hi there!  We grow fresh food in our small garden in downtown Toronto, and love to turn our harvest into delicious meals.  Our ultimate goal is for our garden to be self-sufficient.

profileNicoleI’m Nicole, and have been growing food most of my life.  I started as a child, helping out in my parents’ backyard garden.  Now, as an adult, I enjoy trying to grow new foods – new to me, at least.  By day, I am a scientist in the health care industry, by night a blogger, and an all-the-time grower. I have no formal training, but love how forgiving gardening can be.






My partner, Mathieu, helps out a bit in the garden, but he has the most important job:  preparing and feeding me delicious meals!  It is a partnership that works well for both of us.




We’d love it if you joined us in our journey!